Why are Aero Boards so unique?

 Because they are the market's only ultra lightweight surf kite boards made for heavy duty,

so if you are a demanding and ambitious rider, looking for a reliable companion, you are at the right place.

Here below some facts.

  •  First of all, it will be an unbelievable experience to ride such a light board without being afraid that it will break! Do not believe those who say that it will be blown away by the wind, it is such nonsense. Do not believe those who say that you can not build a lightweight and durable board. Most manufacturer are focused on marketing and profits. We are focused on technology and quality.
  •  Aero Boards are the market's only boards with a 100% Airex Foam core. Unlike traditional PU or EPS foams, AIREX core remains flexible and has very high impact strength with very little material fatigue over time. Therefore AERO Boards are not only lighter weight and stronger, but the flex characteristics remain intact for a considerable amount of time, long after traditional blank materials have fatigued and lost their spring.
  • AIREX Foam does not absorb any water. This feature assures the ultra low weight for ever. There's no need for immediate repair after crashing the board. If the board is still usable, you can safely continue your session or even whole trip and let it repair when you are back home.
  • Aero will never get deck dents and resulting delamination. It's also almost impossible to break it during wave riding or freestyle landings.
  • Aero has an unique, vibrant ride feel like a good sport car, as  a result of a very special material mix containing Aramid, Carbon and Hollowglass fibres and of course the unique Airex Core.
  • Aero will save your budget and environement because it can be riden for many years without breaking and changing it's properties.
  • Aero Boards are carefully CNC shaped and vacuum laminated with special attention to the composite and assembly quality. Also our boards do not come from the Far East, they are made in Poland (EU) by world-class experts in composites. To provide you such a product at a reasonable price, we dispense any advertising and dealer network. We let you just pay for the best possible materials, world-class manpower and know-how. Nothing else!